LoginSecure Easy Video

With this extension, you can easily add local video files to your website. You can set different videos per device type which is very useful to save data bandwidth on mobile platforms.

LoginSecure Easy Video

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Find below videos about this extension.


Display local video files

Without any hassle display video files that you have stored on your domain. 

Control every aspect of the player

Per video file and device type, you can modify the videos behavior and settings. 

Overlay with content from the editor or plain HTML
Add your own content on top of the video by enabling the overlay layer. Use this layer to add any kind of HTML or overlay the video with anything you can do with Joomla's editors.
Multiple modules on one page

This extension is made in such a way that you can add multiple videos within the same page and each of them with there own styling attached to it. 

Each module is completely standalone!


We made demo pages for most of the important features of this extension. The demo pages are set up in the latest version of Joomla 3.

Easy Video

at work

Frequently Asked Questions

Find below a anwer to our most frequently asked questions about this extension.
  • Can I have multiple videos on the same page?

    Yes, this is possible because each module is standalone.

  • Does my website become slower with this extension?
  • Help my videos are not visible?

Simple Installation

By utilizing the default Joomla 3 installer this extension has the simplest installation process ever.
  1. Login to the administrator area of your Joomla 3 website.
  2. Select in the Main Menu: Extensions > Manage > Install.
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions.
This extension requires the following items to perform.
PHP 5.6+  
PHP 7+  
Joomla 3+  
Joomla 4+  
LoginSecure Framework 1+  


Default = label-inverse
PHP = label-php
Joomla = label-joomla
LoginSecure = label-loginsecure


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