LoginSecure Slideshow: Blank / white page when loading extension in the backend

This module has so many fields and functions that it needs to load that it can run out of the PHP Memory Limit. We have received reports from our customers that websites with a PHP Memory Limit lower than 256M can produce this blank / white page.

Currently there are 2 options to deal with this. Increase the PHP Memory Limit of your Joomla website or reload the page again.


Increase the PHP Memory Limit of your Joomla website:

There are many online guides available on how to do that so there is not really a point for us to duplicate this. Please use Google Search or any other search engine to search for the phrase "joomla increase php memory limit" without the quotes.


Reload the page again:

On our test websites with 128M PHP Memory Limit we could simply refresh the page, and it would load the second time. We tested every function with this memory limit and for us everything was saving. It looks wrong, we must admit that. When you press save and the next thing you see is a white page but just press refresh, and you will see that everything is saved. 
We still recommend increasing the PHP Memory Limit though.

If you are encountering this issue then we would like to know that. Please create a ticket and attach your system information file which you can download directly from the system information page on your Joomla installation.

KB Article: https://loginsecure.eu/helpdesk/knowledgebase/view-article/150:loginsecure-slideshow-blank-white-page-when-loading-extension-in-the-backend