LoginSecure Content: How can I add more then 10 items?

Sadly, this cannot be done with just one module.

There is a workaround though! Use multiple modules.

For instance: In the first module you setup your eyecatcher(with position top), your header, your description(if you want this to display before the items),  and then set your first 10 items.

In the second module, you disable the eyecatcher, header, and description. But you use as many items as you wish. 

In the third module, you disable the eyecatcher, and header but use the description(if you want to display this below the items).

At this point, you will have 30 items but this can be extended into the thousands.

You can see a demo from this on our demo page:

Go to demo page (https://demo.loginsecure.eu/j3/loginsecure-content/content-at-work#tenitemsplusdemo)


KB Article: https://loginsecure.eu/helpdesk/knowledgebase/view-article/83-loginsecure-content-how-can-i-add-more-then-10-items