IMAP Mail account how to delete or keep mail on the server via Outlook settings?

For this tutorial to work you need to have the program MS Outlook already installed on your website. For instructions on how to get and install MS Outlook please refer to the Microsoft website and documentations. In this tutorial we also recommend having already set up an IMAP account. You can find instructions for that here: 

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  1. Open MS Outlook
  2. Click on "File"

  3. Click on "Account Settings" followed by once more "Account Settings".

  4. This will open the Outlook Account Settings. You will now see this screen. Select your IMAP account and make sure it is highlighted. Then click on "Change".

  5. This will open the settings for that specific IMAP account. Here you will find the category Mail Settings. Here you can set up your preference for keeping or deleting mails with this IMAP account. When you are done click on "Next".

  6. You should receive a confirmation message.

If you are encountering issues then please create a ticket and let us know.

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