How to install your mail account in Apple / macOS Mail?

For this tutorial to work you need to use the default mail program from Apple's macOS.

  1. Click on the "Gear" icon

  2. Click on "Internet accounts"

  3. Click on "Add another account"

  4. Click on "Mail account"

  5. Fill in your name, email address and password. Followed by clicking on "Login".

  6. Now select as account type "IMAP" and use for incoming and outgoing "mail.domain.extension". You can find these exact details in the message received from us.

  7. If you receive the error "Check of account name or password is failed" just click next. And please check if the mail account is created. This error message is sometimes a false positive.

  8. Now go to your inbox and right click the newly created account and click on "edit".

  9. Double check all settings if they are the same as in the picture below. And make sure to retype each password field or even better yet copy/paste the password! Over 80% of the problems users encounter are directly related to typos in password fields. Make sure every checkbox is the same in your settings as they are in the picture!

  10. When finished click on "Save"
  11. Your IMAP account is now fully setup.


If you are encountering issues then please create a ticket and let us know.

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