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Media Creation

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If a picture is worth a thousand words then what would a video be? Let us take a basic mathematics approach to figure out the answer to this question. There are nowadays 60 frames per second movies. Which basically means 60 images for every second!

60 images x 1000 words = 60.000 words/sec = 60 seconds per video = 3.600.000 words per minute

Now this is just number crunching and is almost never fully reliable in the real world but it can’t be denied that video or let’s say media is a highly effective way to get your message across.

Back in the old days when the internet was new it was already remarkable to see text on a screen but now we (the users) do not like endless pieces of text. Especially not when you consider we all love watching YouTube and Vimeo and want our information fast.

To keep up with these changes it is highly recommended for companies to get on board with creating their own media to share via the Social Media networks and video sites like YouTube or Vimeo.

It can be a short commercial all the way to a documentation video about a specific product or your company.

How can we help?

Basically we can do it all. We can create media, distribute media and publish media. So if you are looking for a company that can make you the next super trailer for a movie you are producing then we are the one. If you are looking for a good and intelligent movie representing your company and introducing your company to potential customers, then look no further as we are the one.

So LoginSecure does only video?

No we don’t. We do almost everything that is related to media. So if you have audio/photography or advertising needs then we can help you with those as well.

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