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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization enables your potential customers to actually find you on the internet. The better the SEO the more people will find you. The more people using the internet the greater the importance it is to be found. In Europe 87.2% of the population uses the internet and in North America this is even 94.6% of the population. When you look at the whole world then 58.7% can be found online. Since the year 2000 this is a growth of 1167%
Search Engine

LoginSecure always implements

Search Engine Optimization

We think that search engine optimisation is a part of the design process. With every new website we deliver free search engine optimisation. This is not a specialised package but it contains the basics. For instance metatags and descriptions are included in all pages. Next to this basic package it is recommended to start a SEO campaign. Because the better the SEO the better the results.

What is a LoginSecure

Search Engine Optimization Campaign

We make your website optimally equipped for SEO so maintenance is easy and cost-effective in the following months. Before the project is started we make a transparent project overview with all costs and work involved. Changes made after approval of this project overview will be charged outside the project. A project consists out of eight steps.

Website Analysis
Word Analysis
Competitive Analysis
SEO Strategy
Technical Optimization
Content Optimization
Content Creation
Link Building

The search engine optimization campaign works seamlessly together with our other services mentioned below:

Search Engine Registration
Search Engine Advertising

What are the LoginSecure

Search Engine Optimization Packages

We offer multiple SEO packages so that you can pick whichever you think is best. If you want advice about which is the best for you then feel free to drop us a note.


We give an estimated amount of time we need to implement the SEO before starting. On start we bill 50% of this estimate. During the process we keep you informed about the amount of hours we spent and if it appears that there will be significant overruns we immediately consult the client. The remaining will be charged upon completion of the assignment.


With this project we monitor your website and adapt it if necessary to allow your SEO to function optimally. We look at your competitors and all the latest innovations on SEO level. This is to ensure that your SEO is up to date and stays.



We offer you a fixed price for developing en maintaining this SEO project. This gives you the confidence that there will be no surprises.

Talk with us

If you have any questions or would like to order a search engine optimization campaign then please drop us a note.


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