Website Lease
We take care of your complete internet presentation, while you run your restaurant.

Restaurant Website Lease includes a professional website for a fixed amount per month and without commission on your products.

The advantages of LoginSecure's

restaurant website lease package

Menu Management
Manage menu items via menu groups and menus. Supports modifier per menu item, each menu item can have a different tax rate.
Table management
Tables can be added and assigned to separated areas. The table can have different min and max seat allocation which can be used for online table booking.
Online table booking management
Add online table booking to your website, allow your guests to book in advance. Owners receive booking notification via email and manage all reservations from website control panel. Booking form fields can be customized easily.
Takeaway orders
Guests can order their food online with the new takeaway feature. Staffs can also add different options for a menu item.
Digital restaurant menu
Say goodbye to your old paper menu with a digital restaurant menu, don’t need to worry about replacing your paper menu when adding/removing your menu items. With digital restaurant menu feature and tablet/mobile devices, your guests can browse through your entire menu easily.
Tablet and smartphone POS integration
There is no need to invest an expensive POS system, let turn your existing tablets, smartphone or computer into your POS devices, connect it to a receipt printer and you are ready to take orders.
Multi-language and multi-currency support
The RMS component supports multilingual and multi-currency, website visitors can switch languages and currencies easily.
Customer dashboard
Registered guests can manage their online table booking and orders in your restaurant via their Customer Dashboard.
Reports and statistics
Display overall sales statistics and reports. Showing the latest activity of your staffs in your restaurant. Know what menu items your guests love the most as well as observe the current online table booking from the dashboard.
Define flexible opening and closing hours for each weekday. Multiple shifts per day are supported.
Turn time
Configure the maximum period your guests can use a table before it is being made available for other reservations. Turn time can be defined differently per shift.
Special days
Close a day or configure a special day which has different shifts than a normal day.

Website Lease

This package also includes everything that is inside the Website Lease Premium package.

The website lease premium package is our ultimate lease package that is bursting with functionality to increase the online presence of your restaurant.

See here a couple of items highlighted out of the Website Lease Premium Package.


restaurant website lease

The base cost for this package is fixed, but additional customizations may lead to an increase in the total cost.

As an example a restaurant with one menu and only a few tables require less work than a restaurant that has multiple floors and menu's. Our minimal fee is based upon the smaller restaurants with one room with +/- 10 tables and one menu.

When you order this package you will be initially billed the minimal start up fee + the first monthly fee.

In case the customizations required exceed this minimal start up fee then you will be contacted by your account manager or sales representative from LoginSecure before we make the customization. When you agree with the customizations you will be billed separately for it.



  • Premium Lease Package
  • Menu Management
  • Table Management
  • Online Table Booking Management
  • Takeaway Orders
  • Digital Restaurant Menu
  • Tablet and Smartphone POS Integration
  • Multi-Language and Multi-Currency Support
  • Customer Dashboard
  • Reports and Statistics
  • Shifts
  • Turn Time
  • Special Days
  • No commission on products
  • 2-Year Subscription